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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Written by India Gospel Outreach

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Praise God for men and women called of God to preach the truth of the gospel, who love the truth themselves and seek it from an early age.

One of these is Susanta, who comes to India Bible College & Seminary from Odisha. Now 24, he is in his third year, preparing for his B.Th. so he can return to his home state and work especially among those people who do not yet know gospel truth.

Susanta was born as the oldest child in a Roman Catholic family. However, in his part of Odisha, Catholics adopt many practices and customs that differ little from the prevailing Hindu religion and from secularism. Susanta saw a lot of corruption and immorality in his church. Even as a small child, Susanta instinctively knew that the people who were supposed to teach him about God didn’t know God themselves, and they could teach him nothing.

To learn about God became the secret, unspoken desire of his heart, even as a young boy. He didn’t have the means to do it.

In 2009, he took a major school examination, and to his shock, he failed. This was a great blow, bringing humiliation, discouragement and pain. No one in his church ever came to him to offer comfort or to pray. During this crisis, he decided that one day, if it were possible, he would do for others what his church failed to do for him. He had no idea how this would happen.

In the middle of this crisis, he met a young woman who was receiving training under a pastor. He shared his unspoken desire to learn about God, and she took Susanta to her pastor who gladly took him in as a learner. For the first time, he began to read the Bible and get training in the Word of God even though he had spent his life in a church. For the first time, he discovered the way of salvation through Jesus Christ. He committed himself to Christ.

He re-took his school examination, and this time he passed, and he took this as a sign of God’s favor and grace. His faith increased, but at the same time, his family began to persecute him for his new faith, and they actually worked to have him excommunicated from the church he attended all his life. His friends also rejected him for his “strange” ideas.

Susanta continued to pray for his family. Five years later, they all committed their lives to Christ in a great miracle. All the family received baptism together in April 2014.

Now, with the new support of his family, Susanta sensed God’s call to become an evangelist. He knew many other people like himself silently longed to know God, but could not find the way. He knew that Jesus Christ alone made the way at the cross. This brought him to India Bible College and Seminary through the recommendation of the pastor who opened his eyes to the truth of the gospel. Next year, he will graduate and do for others what a willing pastor did for him.

Pray that God will help Susanta fulfill God’s calling upon his life.

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