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Take all the people of South America…
Plus everybody in Africa…
Move them all into the eastern half of the United States…
Ask them to live on $1.45 a day…

That's the INDIA

… Jesus calls us to reach with the gospel. 
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The Cinderella Challenge by Valson Abraham cropped cover Hands raised to the Lord
Rev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham Preaching to a crowd of over 50,000

The Cinderella Challenge

Valson Abraham's new book, The Cinderella Challenge, was officially released on January 3, 2012. Order your copy today! More.

The 2020 Prayer Vision for India

Get your free bookmark when you sign up for the 2020 Prayer Vision for India. More.

Rev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham

Meet the founder and president of India Gospel Outreach. Learn more.

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