IGO Projects


Bible Colleges & Training Centers

Sponsored by IGO, India Bible College & Seminary and other training centers throughout India prepare Indian evangelists and church planters to tell all of India's peoples of Jesus Christ.

Extension & Correspondence Courses

IGO provides extension and correspondence courses to those who want to learn and grow in faith, but who cannot attend our Bible schools.

Campus Ministries & Student Projects

IGO has full-time staff workers who reach university students for Christ. We pray for more workers.

Our students reach out to their communities through special projects. These young ladies reach out to the disabled, new believers and do Bible translation work.

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Planting Churches

IGO supports evangelists who go into new areas to preach the gospel and plant churches.


IGO's priority is to build mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Festivals

IGO supports public efforts to declare who Jesus is, what He has done, and what He can do.

Film Ministry

IGO teams introduce the gospel to villages and towns through a film on the life of Christ, produced especially for Indian people of all backgrounds.

Leadership & Training Conferences

IGO supports leadership development conferences for Indian evangelists and pastors to enlarge vision, provide leadership tools, and offer encouragement.

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IGO publishes and distributes pamphlets, books, magazines and other gospel literature to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help believers grow in their faith.

Revive Magazine, a monthly magazine published by Indian Bible College & Seminary. It is available in English, Malayalam and Hindi. View articles online or receive Revive Magazine in print for a small fee.

Tracts are not available for purchase through IGO; they are used only by IGO evangelists.

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Bicycles, Motorcycles and Vans

Most IGO sponsored evangelists serve several congregations in different villages. Bicycles help get them there at low cost. Vans transport evangelists, film and literature teams to remote locations.




Sewing Centers

India Gospel Outreach helps poor, uneducated women learn to sew and knit, both marketable skills in India.

Sewing Machines

Relief & Uplifting Poor

Through relief projects and other assistance, IGO helps free people from poverty, illiteracy and emergency situations.

Ways you can help:

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Emergency Disaster Relief

Mission Hospital


Located in south India, Obed Healing Mission Hospital meets the need of the whole person through the gospel of Jesus Christ—physically, emotionally, spiritually.