We have many opportunities for you to get involved in reaching the unreached in India. By volunteering your skills and talents with India Gospel Outreach, you become a partner with the Lord in fulfilling the Great Commission.

To apply for our volunteer program, please fill out and submit the application below.


Personal Information

For protection of our evangelists in high-risk persecution areas, please provide the name of a pastor who may vouch for your Christian faith.


Which of the areas below would you be interested in volunteering?

Stuffing, sealing and/or transporting to the post office. *For those living within a reasonable distance of Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

IGO publishes many written materials. If you have an eye for grammatical and spelling errors, we can use your assistance. Please complete Section A.

IGO publishes current, Biblical, informative and God-honoring content. Please complete Section B.

We are always in need of photos taken in India. *Requires raising your own travel support.

Have ideas on how we can grow? Use your spiritual gifts to reach more souls in India.

If you have the gift of hospitality, you can help more funds go directly to the field.

Gather a group together and tell them about IGO. We will provide all of the materials you'll need for a successful presentation.

We are looking for qualified public speakers who can help raise awareness and funds for IGO right in their hometown.

If God is calling you to travel, speak and raise funds on behalf of IGO, we are delighted. This is a commitment not to be taken lightly and should be handled with much prayer. *We do require more background info. Check this box for now and we will contact


Section A

Only complete this section if you indicated that you are interested in editing for IGO. Please rewrite the excerpt below removing as many errors that you can find. (Hint: there are 5 that we know of.):

Even with the addition of a new dornitory/classroom building in the late 1980s, the old campus was too tiny to handle such rapid growth over a short period of time. Classes and dormitories were literally stuffed with student.

Classes and dormitories were literally stuffed with student. Bathrooms, the library, dining facilities—everything was overcrowded beyond human endurance.

Even when old sheds and storerooms put to use for school purposes, they’re was no room.

It had simply become impossible for students and faculty to function in the basic necessities of life, much less get a good education. The tiny campus had reached it’s limit.

Section B

Only complete this section if you indicated that you are interested in WRITING for IGO. Please use the following facts to compile a descriptive paragraph intended for a sponsorship packet for evangelist support:

1. J.B. of Karnataka. 2001 Graduate of India Bible College & Seminary. Has a wife and two kids.

2. Ministries include: housing poor families at his facility, mentoring, running his church and a children’s ministry.

3. Most church attendees Hindu. Opposition to gospel is medium to high. Goal: grow church and reach lost souls.

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