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Join the 2030 Prayer Vision for India.

The 2030 Prayer Vision for India is designed to accomplish all the spiritual conditions necessary to complete the Great Commission in India. We pray that by the year 2030 all barriers to the gospel in India will be broken.

Pray for:

  1. Defeat of all spiritual opposition to the gospel.
  2. True religious freedom in all of India.
  3. More church planters trained at India Bible College & Seminary and other IGO training centers to reach every Indian postal code with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  4. Humility, unity and revival in India’s churches to reach India for Christ.
  5. Open hearts to Jesus Christ throughout India’s postal codes.
  6. Massive outreach of proclaimers of Christ and church-planters to all of India’s urban centers.
  7. Holy Spirit empowerment of Indian women and transformation of India’s youth.
  8. An end to India’s caste system.
  9. Effective outreach to Indians, the largest diaspora, living in over 160 nations.
  10. Completion of the Great Commission in India.

We look for men, women and children who will obey the Lord and pray for the full revelation of Christ’s kingdom in India. We are looking for men, women and children who will pray, believing God’s promise, “Ask of me, and I will surely give the nations as your inheritance.” (Psalm 2:8)

We look for prayer warriors who will pray for India to know Jesus Christ. We look for those who sacrifice lesser things, seek renewal, follow God where He leads for His sake and for the sake of India's people who seek freedom from India's curse.

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Become an Intercessor for India

Intercessors for India (IFI) enlists prayer partners for specific pin (zip) codes in India. Prayer partners commit themselves to pray for a strong Spirit-filled church in their pin (zip) code. Since 1995, thousands have committed themselves to pray for pin (zip) codes all over India.

Most Indian pin (zip) codes have few if any Christians. These areas have been without gospel influence for centuries. Much spiritual preparation must take place. This involves strong and sustained prayer. Through prayer, God calls, prepares and sends His servants. He prepares the hearts of people and draws them to Himself. All this may take years of persistent praying and great patience, but remember the blessed results.

How to pray effectively for your pin (zip) code:

  1. Pray for God to work in your pin (zip) code, to make the people there all God intends them to be.
  2. Pray that God will prepare the people in your pin (zip) code to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  3. Pray that God will raise an evangelist to plant a church in your pin (zip) code.
  4. Pray for finances to send and support evangelists to your pin (zip) code.
  5. Pray for a spiritually mature, dynamic church in your pin (zip) code.
  6. Pray that the church in your pin (zip) code will have land and facilities for worship.
  7. Pray for IGO to recruit and train students in India.
  8. Pray for strong churches in all 28,000+ pin (zip) codes of India.

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