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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Written by India Gospel Outreach

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Akash's poverty did not keep him from trusting God and answering His call upon his life to become an evangelist and church planter among his people.

Praise God for evangelists He is raising up from Hindu background in the state of Odisha.

Akash comes from Odisha. His hometown is 83% Hindu, and like most of the residents, Akash, his parents and two sisters grew up at Hindus. Idol worship was a prominent feature of their family life.

One day, Akash’s father suddenly became very ill. His family took his father to the hospital, but the doctors did not know how to treat him. They went home and prayed in front of their idols, and again, they received nothing from their gods. They did not know what to do. His father’s illness was causing many problems in their family life.

During this time, they heard about a Christian pastor with a church in a nearby village. They decided to take their sick father there to meet the pastor. The pastor also came to the family home to pray for his father.

After the pastor prayed, Akash’s father received complete healing. The pastor continued to share the gospel in his village, and because of his father’s healing, his family began to attend the church. The more they heard and learned, they began to realize that Christian faith offered a peace and acceptance unknown to them in their Hindu religion. At that time, Akash’s family committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

When Akash was fourteen, his father passed away after dealing with heart problems. As the remaining male in the family, it fell to Akash to take care of the family. Everything he earned went toward family support. During this time of crisis, Akash made his own commitment to Jesus Christ. He was baptized in 2015.

At that time, God moved strongly in Akash’s heart to do His work. He knew he needed to go to school to get Bible training, but he had no idea where to go until his pastor recommended India Bible College and Seminary in faraway Kerala. He entered India Bible College and Seminary in 2015 and will graduate in the spring of 2018. He wants to return to his home state of Odisha to introduce more peoples to the gospel that saved him and his family.

Akash is typical of most students when they come to India Bible College and Seminary, in that he arrived with conviction of his calling, hunger for Bible knowledge, but little or no money for his training. He came on faith alone, believing that God would open the doors for him.

This is where you can make a difference for men and women like Akash, called by God to spread the gospel to India’s unreached peoples.

Is God calling you to help a student or evangelist like Akash? You can help by providing $50-110/month for a student. You can help support an evangelist by committing $100-200 a month (depending on location and family situation). We always welcome partial support.

Pray God’s provision for each of our students and evangelists. Pray about your own involvement in their lives and ministries.

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