Building Projects

On June 10, the Indian government in New Delhi announced that beginning on July 1st, the Indian government will add 28% to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) placed upon all construction materials in India. This tax affects every state in India.

Also, on July 1, in Kerala state, costs of electricity will increase 40%. This will cause a dramatic rise in electrical costs at India Bible College and Seminary after July 1st.

Since we still have until July 1st before these taxes and price hikes take effect, we are trying to purchase as much construction material as possible at the old rates. Also, we are trying to gather resources to install the solar panels so we may gain electricity independence and avoid exorbitant costs. We want to act as good stewards with the resources God gives us for ministry purposes.

Every dollar you give toward this emergency situation will be one dollar more for needed building materials and one dollar less that will be affected by the new Goods and Services Tax and dramatically increased electrical costs.

Your help at this time to purchase needed construction materials will help us to save money for direct ministry expenses.

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